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GB United Kingdom
Stand No: FM5650

EVACCESS formally Swallow Evacuation & Mobility Products Ltd

Evaccess are specialist providers in equipment used for access, egress and evacuation. We can work with you, your budget and your building to find the perfect solution for you.  We ensure that each client has a tailor-made solution that is perfectly suited to them and their situation. We offer both sale and rental to best fit your requirements.

It's massively important that building owners are not discriminating against reduced mobility persons by having some parts of their premises inaccessible. Evaccess are specialists in this field and can find the piece of kit that best suits you, provide training for those who will be using the equipment, and provide servicing to ensure that the equipment is always ready for use.

As well as the movement of people, we provide equipment which is designed for the safe movement and handling of heavy goods. We ensure that there is no damage to property or personal injury when heavy goods need to be transferred.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: FM4850

Who are FPC?

Fire Protection Compliance is an independently-accredited contractor for passive fire protection. With a thorough understanding of the scientific principles behind smoke and fire, we manage the simplest of installations to complex applications; delivering on time, within budget and to the highest standard of professional care.



By utilising passive fire protection in a building, the spread of fire and smoke is restricted by sub-dividing it into compartments, separated from one another by walls and/or floors of fire-resisting construction. Fire compartmentation, as this is known, is vital to limit fire spread as any voids within, or services that protrude through, these sections are filled or wrapped to limit the spread of both flames and smoke. Not only does fundamental passive fire protection buy time for firefighters to save the building, but it also buys time for residents to evacuate and can save lives.


The main services we provide are as follows:

·         Fire & Acoustic Penetration Seals: As fire and smoke can pass through even the smallest gaps, fire & acoustic penetration seals are designed to fill and reinstate the fire performance of compartment walls and floors where substrates are penetrated by multiple services, while still making sure thermal and sound insulation is not compromised.

·         Fire & Smoke Curtains: Fire & smoke curtains are used to create a barrier to limit and control fire and smoke spread within vertical loft spaces/roof voids, and are generally classed as ‘Cavity Barriers'. A Cavity Barrier must be designed to restrict the massage of both hot smoke and flame for the minimum specified period, and must be fixed in such a way that it will remain effective in the event of structural movement and that there are no gaps where it abuts other elements of construction.


Fire doors

Fire doors are a vital requirement in passive fire protection in order to protect escape routes. There are three main purposes for installing fire-resisting doors in a building:


·         To limit the initial development of a fire – if a fire door is fitted correctly it can help to subdue a fire by restricting the level of oxygen available to it

·         To limit the spread of fire – when closed, a fire door is designed to endure the effects of the flames for a specified amount of time. This should limit the spread of fire through the building, gaining time for occupants to escape and for firefighters to perform their duties.

·         To protect escape routes – it is a requirement of Building Regulations to provide protected escape routes. Any door opening onto an escape route is likely to be designated as a fire-resisting door, to make sure that anybody using that route is protected from the fire while they evacuate the premises.


Fire doors should also continue to provide some protection for the fire service while they fight the fire.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: FM5824

Osborne Technologies Ltd are a UK based award winning international multi-divisional Technology Company that manufactures a wide range of innovative own brand market leading products.

EntrySign, is an award-winning customisable visitor and contractor management system. Simplifying the process of signing in and keeping track of visitors and contractors to your site, whilst capturing important information which can be used to generate detailed daily and historic reports for safe guarding purposes. 

Osborne Technologies Ltd also provides a comprehensive range of IT support services and solutions, security and door access controls, audio visual and data installations.  We are multi award winning industry leading specialists in design and installation of immersive and interactive teaching and training environments.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: FM4262

We provide a fast, reliable and professional service at some of the most competitive prices across the UK. Our services includes PAT Testing, Emergency Lighting, Commerical and Domestic Electrical Periodic Inspections (EICR) Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarms, Domestic & Commercial Electrical Installations and many more. All of our engineers are fully qualified, fully insured, DBS checked, Safe Contractor, NICEIC Contractor & Domestic Installer approved to complete all of our services in your premises.

Whatever your safety testing requirement or size of your business, PTS Compliance's qualified team of experts are here to support you. Whether it's a one-off service or annual multi service maintenance for multiple premises you're after, with us, you'll receive the highest of standards, service and price that we believe is unmatched in the industry.

At PTS Compliance we have offices all over the UK so we always have an engineer local to you. Call us today to discuss your requirements on 0800 644 5400

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: FM5640

Safelincs is the UK's most progressive and customer focused fire safety provider offering over 4000 products and services not only in the UK but also in Ireland, Germany, France and Italy. A winner of several customer care awards, Safelincs prides itself on its total commitment to customer satisfaction. Safelincs also operates the UK's largest online fire safety portal, offering not only best quality products at reasonable prices but also making best use of web based technology to offer our customers the best experience and latest methods of purchasing.

We are on the forefront of new fire safety product developments and has been chosen as the sole online representative of cost saving new products such as Britannia's new P50 service-free extinguishers. The P50 fire extinguishers do not require maintenance by an extinguisher engineer or a discharge test over their entire 10 year lifespan, which offers businesses and organisations massive savings. The extinguishers are kitemarked, CE marked and supplied with a 10 year warranty (after 10 years the extinguishers can be refurbished for another 10 years service-free life). We take care of everything and the price includes: extinguisher installation, extinguisher ID sign and bracket, the certification and some quick training to show you and your staff how to look after the extinguishers.