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GB United Kingdom
Stand No: FM5675

IGS was founded in 2013 by a pioneering group of farmers and engineers based in Scotland, UK, to develop revolutionary Industry 4.0 solutions for agriculture and commercial markets.

Intelligent Grid Solutions addresses the critical industry challenges of saving energy, reducing installation and maintenance costs and future-proofing while creating ideal conditions for life, people and plants for a variety of commercial, industrial and agriculture applications.

IGS' Intelligent Grid system creates smart spaces in both new build and retrofit projects. It is a more efficient and flexible alternative to conventional high-voltage power supplies, fixed cable routing and restrictive ethernet.

Intelligent Grid can be managed and maintained by non-qualified staff; each Take Off Box clips onto the lightweight busbars and can be moved quickly and easily by hand. Every integrated light, sensor, camera and device can be IoT-enabled to connect to the cloud and our web app for control, monitoring and data analysis.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: FM5874

Your Workspace are matter experts in helping their client's transition to an agile way of working through their innovative workplace furniture and smart storage solutions. Working across a multitude of industries and with decades of experience; Simplicity, the flagship product of Your Workspace, is the No.1 smart locker solution in the UK and have over 1 million users worldwide. 

Your Workspace don't just offer smart locker facilities for traditional purposes however; their products and services go way beyond that!

Simplicity offers a total smart locker solution which can be applied to various areas of any business. From employee lockers, to within staff changing rooms, in an IT Kiosk, post-room or as general workplace storage; Simplicity offers organisations one connected and integration solution, on one system from one supplier. The software can also integrate with existing workplace apps and building management systems, and their latest COVID-19 safety features and cleaning protocol can help make workplaces safer post-pandemic and beyond. 

As a proud British manufacturers, Your Workspace have greater control over the whole production process which, most other manufacturers lack. With strong global partnerships and the best international suppliers; Your Workspace has access to some of the best range of materials, locking options and latest smart technology in the industry.