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"Everything you never knew you wanted in a hand dryer”. With ffuuss you will save time on washroom upkeep and reduced janitorial and maintenance cost.  Features: ffuuss has a patented air heating sistem, Preheat, which eliminates the burdens of conventional electric heating and allows a reduction inenergy consumption; Everyone can enjoy an optimal drying experience with capacitive sensors. Allows lateral activation of dryer. Suitable for children and people in wheelchairs; Bi-lateral air curtains prevent water splashing out of the drying cavity, while residual water from hands is collected in a water tank or plugged directly into the drain; The air outlets have been designed to cover the entire hand surface.Also, by combining different hole sizes, noise is minimised during operation; Low energy hand dryer consumption at 1100w.The Hand Dryers will pay for themselves within 12 months compared to paper towels.

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Who are FPC?

Fire Protection Compliance is an independently-accredited contractor for passive fire protection. With a thorough understanding of the scientific principles behind smoke and fire, we manage the simplest of installations to complex applications; delivering on time, within budget and to the highest standard of professional care.



By utilising passive fire protection in a building, the spread of fire and smoke is restricted by sub-dividing it into compartments, separated from one another by walls and/or floors of fire-resisting construction. Fire compartmentation, as this is known, is vital to limit fire spread as any voids within, or services that protrude through, these sections are filled or wrapped to limit the spread of both flames and smoke. Not only does fundamental passive fire protection buy time for firefighters to save the building, but it also buys time for residents to evacuate and can save lives.


The main services we provide are as follows:

·         Fire & Acoustic Penetration Seals: As fire and smoke can pass through even the smallest gaps, fire & acoustic penetration seals are designed to fill and reinstate the fire performance of compartment walls and floors where substrates are penetrated by multiple services, while still making sure thermal and sound insulation is not compromised.

·         Fire & Smoke Curtains: Fire & smoke curtains are used to create a barrier to limit and control fire and smoke spread within vertical loft spaces/roof voids, and are generally classed as ‘Cavity Barriers'. A Cavity Barrier must be designed to restrict the massage of both hot smoke and flame for the minimum specified period, and must be fixed in such a way that it will remain effective in the event of structural movement and that there are no gaps where it abuts other elements of construction.


Fire doors

Fire doors are a vital requirement in passive fire protection in order to protect escape routes. There are three main purposes for installing fire-resisting doors in a building:


·         To limit the initial development of a fire – if a fire door is fitted correctly it can help to subdue a fire by restricting the level of oxygen available to it

·         To limit the spread of fire – when closed, a fire door is designed to endure the effects of the flames for a specified amount of time. This should limit the spread of fire through the building, gaining time for occupants to escape and for firefighters to perform their duties.

·         To protect escape routes – it is a requirement of Building Regulations to provide protected escape routes. Any door opening onto an escape route is likely to be designated as a fire-resisting door, to make sure that anybody using that route is protected from the fire while they evacuate the premises.


Fire doors should also continue to provide some protection for the fire service while they fight the fire.

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The modern Facilities Manager is no longer simply managing a delivery team, but constantly trying to improve the workplace experience, whilst simultaneously implementing innovations and cost-efficiencies. Real-time traffic data enables smarter decisions, helping to balance operational needs.

  • How many people are using your space? 
  • Do these usage patterns become more predictable over time? 
  • How do you respond to the unexpected? 
  • Is your operational team efficient and delivering a high level of service? 
All detector types protect employee / customer anonymity, ensuring compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws. Make smarter business decisions that support sustainability, reduce costs and increase service levels, by viewing real-time usage insights, including threshold alerts and sign-offs when required. 
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FlexWhere is an office software solution for hot desking that helps employees quickly find a free workspace, colleague, or meeting room. It allows facilities managers to get an insight on workplace occupancy statistics for better decision-making.

FlexWhere, a Dutchview application, is a convenient software application for organisations that already use or want to use hot desking for their office. It is for organisations whose employees do not have a fixed workspace unless indicated otherwise. You can find out quickly and easily which desk and meeting rooms are free and where colleagues are located. The information can be viewed on a screen display, desktop, laptop, or smartphone by the users in the premises at any time.

There are two modules available:

Workplace Module
This module helps to find a free workspace quickly and to search for colleagues by name, job, or department. Statistics about the workspace usage are also easy to retrieve.

Meeting Room Module
This module helps to find and book available meeting rooms on any device. Reservation statistics are also easy to retrieve, including immediate data on no-shows.

Key Features:

  • Shows real-time workspace occupancy
  • Heatmap of workspace 
  • Retrieves data on no-shows 
  • Software-based (low cost, low maintenance) 
  • Employees working remotely will also be displayed 
  • Find out where the emergency response team members are located 
  • Automatic log in
User friendly
It is an intuitive application, making it very easy to use for the users
Interactive floor map
Workplace is visually displayed on an interactive map by floors for convenience

Data on management information, such as:
  • Real-time occupancy rate of desks and meeting rooms,
  • Workspace occupancy heatmap throughout the day on every floor, and 
  • Insight to no-shows,
can be retrieved for internal purposes, such as:
  • Better cost-saving decision-making, 
  • Cutting down corporate real estate bills, and 
  • Reach better ROI on buildings/rents
Completely done by a single software for status and booking, with option to incorporate the use of sensors for meeting rooms. This makes it less costly with lower maintenance

It can be used on all devices and platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS

Assured privacy and security
ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
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More than 1400 organisations worldwide trust FM:Systems' workplace management technology to empower their facility and real estate teams to identify, plan and deliver the ideal workplace experience for every employee. Our leading software and hardware solutions are used to manage over 3 billion square feet across 80 countries worldwide. In 2019 alone, over half a million people made more than 40 million reservations with FM:Systems products. FM:Systems is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, and conducts business worldwide. For more information about FM:Systems, please visit www.fmsystems.com.

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Flooring solutions to meet your needs

At Forbo we're passionate about flooring. We produce the largest range of sustainable floor coverings in the world and supply total solutions for every area in every type of building.

We can offer a fully integrated, product portfolio, delivered by one trusted supplier.

Our flooring solutions offer includes:

•       Environmentally friendly, functional and design-oriented linoleum.
•       An extensive range of sheet project vinyl, acoustic vinyl and safety vinyl.
•       High performing static control flooring for areas with sensitive electronic equipment.
•       High quality European manufactured Luxury Vinyl Tiles.
•       Carpet tiles for both public and commercial environments.
•       Flocked sheet and tiles for areas that need the benefits of both textile and resilient floor coverings.
•       Entrance flooring systems that keep interior floors clean, dry and safe.
•       Cushioned vinyl for the home environment in a wide range of designs.

Forbo Flooring Systems has also been awarded a place on a Crown Commercial Services framework agreement for floor coverings, so you can be confident that we can also save you valuable time and money.

Please visit our website www.forbo-flooring.co.uk to see our extensive range of flooring products.

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Established in 1990, FSI is a global-leader in CAFM / IWMS software, with offices in the UK, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong and Canada, and an international partner network. FSI has been a major influence on CAFM / IWMS technology for the built environment, delivering a truly versatile business tool.
We will be showcasing our solutions at The Facilities Show, including:

Concept Evolution: core CAFM / IWMS solution, for total building management. Connect and control your entire facility through one wholly integrated ecosystem. Plan, manage and maintain your facilities across all industry sectors.

FSI GO: Mobile Application solution, extending the functionality of Concept Evolution and third-party integrated systems to your mobile workforce. Create a smart network that connects your workforce, no matter where they are, with information fed directly back into Concept Evolution.

Concept Advantage: a suite of workplace technology apps, connecting Concept Evolution to the entire workplace community via end users and their mobile devices, engaging with them by putting effective and successful FM in their hands.

As well as to demonstrate the latest solution in the range; Contractor gives you a complete picture and seamless end-to-end management of your supply chain, from task to work permit, from attending site to compliancy, from check-in check-out functionality to keeping track of site inductions. Contractor connects your supply chain to the Concept Evolution solution.