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Stand No: FM6074

Quadient makes incoming mail and parcel management simple and convenient. The shape of inbound deliveries is changing as the rising popularity of eCommerce generates more parcels to places of work than ever. Manual, labour-intensive processes make efficiently tracking, tracing and storing parcels a challenge. Parcels, and in many cases letters, also represent a security risk to organisations when the contents are unknown. Quadient provides a range of solutions to scan, track and store, inbound mail and parcels effectively and securely. These include intelligent parcel lockers so that parcels can be individually stored until employees, alerted to their deliveries by automatic notifications, are ready to collect them. Improving employee experience and the workplace environment Ideal for office buildings, multi-tenant sites and any place of work or study. Quadient has supplied a network of lockers in more than 10,000 locations and is one of the largest parcel locker suppliers globally.